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No lame card tricks.

No rabbits out of hats.

Not your average magician.

This is Fresh. This is Interactive. This is Magic. 

After touring the country to perform at various conventions, resorts, theaters, and more, Ben Zabin has learned the "ins and outs" of what works and what doesn't for his audiences. He knows that nobody wants to see that same boring coin trick again! Instead, he connects with his audiences via everything from innovative grand Las Vegas-style illusions, to mind blowing magic up close. Ben won't settle for anything short of spectacular.

Due to his perfect blend of youth, maturity, humor, and pop culture awareness, Ben easily relates to audiences across the board. These reasons create this teen sensation's high demand by international audiences. Seen on stages at universities, five-star resorts, world class ballrooms, and convention centers, every show is different as each show varies by the audience; the only constant in Ben's award-winning performances is his engaging stage presence that makes for the show you'll never forget!

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