Ben Zabin is the fresh face of magic.

He has spent over a decade sharing his brand of entertainment nationwide, learning which tricks drive audiences crazy. He connects with crowds by blending mind-blowing illusions with his lighthearted interactive comedy, making him the perfect choice for the modern audience. 

Zabin’s contagious energy enables him to create a culturally-relevant entertainment experience that transcends across the generations. While his quick-witted, dynamic improvisational abilities differentiate each show, Ben's engaging stage presence, disarming cheekiness, and brilliant charm are the memorable constants that carry through each acclaimed performance. Ben Zabin’s lovable appeal continues to make him a top choice for entertainment worldwide.

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The Best!
— Huffington Post
The Perfect Show
— Matilda on Broadway
A Natural Born Performer!
— Greenwich Magazine
— Tommy Hilfiger
Perfect Comedic Timing!
— The Cape Gazette
A True Delight to Work With!
— Ernst & Young
Before a show on a US Navy Base in Atsugi, Japan

Before a show on a US Navy Base in Atsugi, Japan


Ben Zabin has been an entertainer his entire life. Starting off his career by taking the magic competition circuit by storm, Ben became the proud holder of over a dozen international awards and honors at an early age. His unique brand of magic has been seen on stages from off-Broadway in New York City to the famous Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and everywhere in between, including philanthropic performances for juvenile detention centers in Costa Rica. Last year alone, Ben performed over 300 shows!

In 2019, Ben embarked on a tour of US Navy bases, bringing his show to servicemen and woman in Florida, South Carolina, Hawaii, Japan, and Guam. Pictured to the left is Ben on a base in Atsugi, Japan. In addition to performing, he is the go-to magic consultant for the HuffPost and is the author of two books that are sold in over 35 countries. Ben is also a producer with a number of credits under his belt ranging from intimate performances in luxury hotels to theatrical events nationwide.


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